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MetaNet Identity

Bitcoin Is Not a Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is not a cryptocurrency. It is electronic cash, as designed by its inventor, Satoshi/Craig. Read and learn more here.

Ranking System

Short Version A new ranking (Guilded) system is being introduced. Register on metanet.id Perform interactive tasks (see long version explanation) Fulfil various criteria to use on the MetaNet slack, or lesser criteria to just use here And earn the privilege of showing visible status & gaining other bonuses Long Version On this platform, your myCredrank…
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Dokkz & Metanet Partnership

MetaNet ICU members will be granted a free 1-year unlimited DOKKZ.COM account as a perk to a Business, Platinum or Diamond membership.

Centrality vs Centralization

Centrality and centralisation are two completely different things. Within the bitcoin network, there is a centrality which is not the same as centralisation. Centrality is a term used within network theory as well as centralisation. Centralisation is a single point, many central points can exist within a network; these are centralized points, not a centrality.…
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MetaNet Membership Discount

30% and 20% discounts to MetaNet Membership until August the 15th.

Identity & Bitcoin

Identity theft, computer breaches and hacking are a paramount problem of the electronic information age. Can the MetaNet help solve the issues at hand?

The Big Ruse: Anonymity != Privacy

Anonymity and privacy are often used interchangeably in Bitcoin and crypto circles, but they don’t have the same goals.

Interesting Similarities Between Bitcoin and African Savings Networks

About 30 percent of Africans are aware of Bitcoin but don’t know what it is and how it works. In our previous article, we enlightened them on this peer to peer electronic cash system, and today; we are going to liken some Bitcoin practices to common African monetary practices.

Money in Africa: An Introduction to Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV)

All you need to know about Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, The Original Bitcoin

Bitcoin for Business (Part 1)

Bitcoin is a data storage system that is particularly suitable for the financial sector. It is a better and more cost-effective alternative to expensive Write Once Read Many (WORM) systems.