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MetaNet Identity

Dokkz & Metanet Partnership

MetaNet ICU members will be granted a free 1-year unlimited DOKKZ.COM account as a perk to a Business, Platinum or Diamond membership.

MetaNet Membership Discount

30% and 20% discounts to MetaNet Membership until August the 15th.

Trials & Tribulations

The trials and tribulations of a persons life is as a catalyst on a forge, sometimes people break, sometimes they are reforged into something far stronger.

MetaNet Data and the Tragedy of the Commons

There’s more to storing data forever on the blockchain than you might think. Let’s explore the issue by looking at what miners are, and aren’t incentivized to do.

binary data

Bitcoin for Business Part 2: Data Costs

So you have a great Bitcoin business idea, but will it be cost-effective, or profitable? You’ll need to calculate your costs to send data to the blockchain.

Money in Africa: An Introduction to Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV)

All you need to know about Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, The Original Bitcoin

Bitcoin for Business (Part 1)

Bitcoin is a data storage system that is particularly suitable for the financial sector. It is a better and more cost-effective alternative to expensive Write Once Read Many (WORM) systems.