Trials & Tribulations

Trials & Tribulations

A Brief on the MetaNet ICU

The MetaNet ICU is an exclusive global membership club[1]. With its key focus being on bitcoin as originally intended by Satoshi/Craig.

It provides a place where developers and businesses, venture capitalists, professionals, miners, individuals and those that plan to start and build new business ventures, can communicate and network on a global basis.

It is a Pareto nexus of information in the social complex of humanity. There are those who have heard of the intelligence filter, reaching the MetaNet ICU is like entering the foyer of the proverbial castle within the maelstrom that is the cryptocurrency sector.

What does the Meta, Net & ICU mean?

The MetaNet ICU is actually five words. The Meta meaning is derived from understanding the metanet and its place in the world, the membership is a meta place of communication and networking. Many ideas are birthed within its halls, individuals and businesses get to know each other, learn to work together, and even collaborate in projects and business for mutual growth and profit.

The teachings and projects are then brought out to the wider world often first being alpha or beta-tested via the members. The echoes on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and other social media platforms, often come from the membership club first. 

The Net defines how the membership club is either directly connected to key participants and stakeholders or is one hop from most within our immediate sector, two hops at most. From the metanet membership reaching outwards to the wider world is a series of hops that from an abstract perspective form a growing web, or something that might be viewed as a net as it slowly pulls in and attracts all interested and affected parties within its lure. And that lure is knowledge.

The ICU is an abbreviation of I see you. This refers to a few things, the TLD that the site is hosted on, the fact that bitcoin and the metanet are anticorruption and it sees the crime that is committed upon it. And that the membership club is part of the intelligence filter, and those that make it through to the membership club are seen, and that part of this is to know. And work out, whether that person has ill intentions towards bitcoin and the club, or has a good heart and mind and wishes to create, build or teach.

It is also a play on words in the metaphysical sense in that we are opposed to the evil in the world that is fed by corruption.

Obstacles We Have Faced

The club has come up against many obstacles over the years. All of which have been attempts to shut it down as the communication and networking node that it is. In part to silence Craig/Satoshi’s words and teachings, and in part to break the network and communication of individuals, groups, projects and businesses that have built up. They, those that are strongly against bitcoin and would much prefer a corruptible system, would like nothing more than silencing our collective voice.

Disinformation & False “Ownership”

One of the first attempts to try to shut us down was when the slack was known as BCH slack, before I had even considered turning the venture into a business. Roger Ver, teaming up with Amaury (deadalnx), had Amaury, who never used the slack, coming to the slack and throw abuse in a continuous stream at Craig/Satoshi, with the usual culprits chiming in to assist Amaury with the verbal abuse and ad hominems. These were vain attempts to try to force people to choose sides and at the very least to force Craig out of another slack.

Amaury was quickly booted from the slack by myself and Roger and Amaury tried to use the opportunity to sell the lie that Amaury was booted from his own slack. Amaury even used a sock puppet to post in the third person on the subreddit r/bitcoin to paint himself as the “victim”. And both Roger and Amaury played the victim card steering the hatred towards Craig/Satoshi in order to turn their unknowing followers against the truth of bitcoin and what really occurred.

Swarming & Noise

From before the metanet started as a business our adversaries tried tactics of swarming with sock puppets and obvious noisemakers. Whereby the tactic would be to drown out rational conversation and to constantly digress away from the education that was teaching the true purpose of bitcoin. This was countered by creating the BCH club which was the first iteration of the metanet ICU back before when BSV existed.

Alongside making a membership club, rules and guidelines were established so that noisemakers could be warned, or removed. Most noisemakers will not pay multiple amounts for their sock puppets, most won’t even pay for themselves in such an environment.

Promises Made?

Next, there were complaints to Slack HQ, demanding that we were not allowed to move to slacks paid plan and that we had to shut down immediately because those aggrieved, that is, those controlling sock puppets and attacking Craig and bitcoin, decided to make up that when the Slack was created it was “promised” to them that it would never turn into a paid Slack. This was a fiction made up by them and their feeble attempts to try to close down the business. When asked to show and prove where management had ever said such a thing, they quickly fell silent and resorted to trying to badger Slack HQ with their PoSM attacks.

Craig Bad Man, Joel, you Good Man – disassociation.

Very weak attempts were made to me via public messaging and private messaging, where the attackers tried to paint Craig as “bad man” whilst in contrast tried to paint me as a “good man”. And that Craig was dragging me down and I could be such a “nice” person if I just distanced myself from Craig and stopped helping him.

This was attempted by different people, each attempt failed miserably and only outed the people attempting to try it. These tactics are known as disassociation tactics, to try to make one party disassociate themselves from the other party.

Ad Hominem and Threats

Throughout the years there have been various ad hominem attacks often followed by threats against myself, some of which have been threats against my family. These are bully and scare tactics, often employed by the most despicable and cowardly keyboard warriors, who cry “victim” as soon as they are called out on anything, or when the police are called upon them. They believe somehow that it is their right to throw abuse and threats at anyone who threatens the corruption and darkness in the world.

Admin infiltration & Anti-Semitism

The next step in their attempts to try to shut us down was to try and get someone in who would attempt to become an administrator, failing that the individual in question tried to plant anti-Semitic arguments and lots of anti-Semitic content within the Slack.

Both attacks were expected and obvious. The anti-Semitism was reported by the attackers, but it fell flat on its face as the attackers were the ones who had posted any partially related anti-Semitic comments and articles before they were booted from the membership. 

Joel Bad Man, Craig Good Man – disassociation in reverse

More recently we have seen attacks on the business and myself directly. In the themes of Joel badman, Craig good man, stay away from Joel badman. Yet this somewhat backfired as the long term narrative of Craig badman would have to die and there are some hard-core haters who have extreme CDS (Craig derangement syndrome) and simply would not be able to let the narrative of Craig badman die even if Craig saved their lives a thousand times over.

And there are those who have falsely perceived opportunity in their own business ventures by attacking the membership club, thinking that the membership clubs destruction is a means for growth for their own failing projects. They ascribe to the “grow by attacking your enemy” mentality, which is pervasive in the BTC and BCH culture.

Whereas it has been openly and forthrightly admitted numerous times by myself that the mistake on the site was mine and mine alone. There are those who have tried attacking those associated or that they perceived as associated with running the membership club. We have watched them “do the rounds” and they have tried through manipulation, hate, perceived friendship, and victim playing, to bring people to their cause of shutting down the club. The tactic you see here is, “If the direct attacks against the person are not working, then try to attack everyone around him or her.”

They have little realised that they have been playing their hands and showing what they hold in their hearts and minds.

Clubs, Cults, and Cake

A cult is defined by Webster’s: as a small religious group that is not part of a larger and more accepted religion that has beliefs regarded by many as extreme or dangerous situation in which people admire in care about something or someone very much or too much.[2] 

The metanet membership is often referred to as a cult by non-members primarily by the haters and the people who have repeatedly tried to shut us down. Ironically, these very same people are the ones who preach that Satoshi can never be wrong. And when Craig changes his mind or admits he’s wrong on something, these very same people are the ones who are up in arms and screaming to the heavens, that the one they hate the most is wrong and that he must always be right. They see Craig as some kind of holy figure. Whereas within the membership people understand that Craig is human and to err is human. And that people can change their minds.

Now admittedly, to the criminal and corrupt, those who want bitcoin to be used anonymously by the most despicable of humankind, the ones that want Bitcoin to be usable by those who trade in humans, traffickers, paedophiles, organ harvesters, and similar. To them, Craig is a “dangerous” individual.

Walking Alongside, Not Following

Another thing that those who truly enact cultish behaviour fail to understand is that many people do not follow Craig. It is that they already understood and follow the same beliefs, or that they learn and then understand that the world they want to develop and leave behind, one of less corruption, more honesty and truth, something they can be proud of helping bring about in the world. A world not governed by lies and manipulation, a world not full of darkness and pervaded by evil, a world where people with truthful intentions and light in their heart can use bitcoin and the metanet as the tool to bring about a better world, is the world that Craig is striving to bring to humankind. These people find that they walk the same road as Craig/Satoshi, by his side, not following behind.

Cults need a leader, a figurehead, someone to revere. Craig is a leader, but he is one of many, and those who choose to stand up and walk beside him do so of their own volition. You do not need to run a business or lead of a project to be able to walk alongside Craig and the others. You only need to have light in your heart and fight against the evil that exists.

Belief and knowledge

Those who preach that the membership is akin to a cult, very often speak of belief and that one must have faith and belief, strong tenants of cults. Most of the time, nay, nearly all the time, those outside looking in display these various cultish behaviours whilst talking so vehemently of the need to believe.

In contrast, I have told people numerous times to focus on BitCoin and the MetaNet, not the person. Even if they have doubts, which many have had throughout the years, I have instructed them to focus on the technology. In being able to see past the person, or rather the image that is painted, and being able to see the technology, most realise that only one person has such an astounding comprehensive knowledge of bitcoin and its origins and what it was intended for. 

In their quest for knowledge regarding bitcoin and the metanet, they will come to learn of Craig/Satoshi’s decades of work and the work previous to bitcoin even becoming public knowledge. They will learn of the constant focus of attacks against Craig/Satoshi in their hopes to break him and in turn to break the wonderful gift that bitcoin is.They will learn of Craig’s steadfast willpower, his knowledge, wisdom and understanding, not just of bitcoin but of all areas that touch upon it. And they will learn Craig/Satoshi’s determination to repair things and put things back on track, to bring the beautiful creation of the real bitcoin to the world.These things are not based in belief, they are gained through knowledge and experience, through self learning and awareness.

There is no belief needed, there is only knowledge to be gained, and in gaining the knowledge for oneself does one start to see the light and the truth in Craig/Satoshi. Then one comes to the conclusion through knowledge gained by one’s own hand that there can be only one, who is Satoshi and the creator of bitcoin.

While the ones outside looking in try in vain to understand why people “believe”, the secret is that they do not believe, they know.


Clubs and cults both can have cake, in this, they are somewhat similar.

Welcome to Galt’s Gulch.


[1] The best private members’ clubs in London.

[2] Merriam-Webster.

[3] MetaNet ICU Membership Club.


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