MetaNet Membership Discount

MetaNet Membership Discount

As we start to warm up for the next stage of evolution in the bitcoin world the MetaNet membership club is giving a two-week promotional discount to its platinum and business tier memberships.

The Platinum tier membership is subject to a 20% discount. It gives the member one year and 6 free silver single-channel membership slots.

The Business tier membership is subject to a 30% discount.  It gives the member 15 months and 12 free silver single-channel membership slots.

This promotional discount will only last 2 weeks until the 15th of August.

Please note that as a new member or as an unknown old member returning, you will have to self identify yourself via our simple 50p PayPal method by registering on the platform. As a further note, please be aware that in the near future the platform will be integrating third-party identity services that will cost notably more to verify yourself.

We may waive the identity requirement if you work for an already existing member, or you are well known to an existing member.

We apologise for any inconvenience identifying yourself will cause. Please rest assured that we hold no personal identifiable information, this is held on the PayPal platform. We have had to take these measures due to the constant abuse and attacks that bitcoin and our business undergoes from Gregory Maxwell to Amaury Sechet, all “lead developers” of various garage projects (everything that is not BitCoin) seem to take a keen interest in attacking something which is allegedly no threat to them.

Read More: Trials & Tribulations.

Whether identified or not you can add your various social media onto your profile, And notably your paymail, no matter which service provider you are using for your paymail. A identified and verified paymail address can be of very important use to the individual and business. Some of these use cases we will cover in further articles.

A verified account on will receive a one-time £14 discount for the users membership. When using our soon to be integrated third-party identity services, users will receive 2x £14 discounts to their membership (to be used on separate occasions). As a user you do not need to become a member as your profile and linked paymail can be used for other businesses or other means.

If you have any questions or issues please feel free to tag us via twitter, message us via facebook or contact us through Baemail via

We are here to shape the future, you are too late to stop us.

The MetaNet ICU Membership club is an exclusive globally reaching membership club that is focused on the restoration, growth and safeguarding of BitCoin and the MetaNet as envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto (aka, Craig S. Wright).