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Bitcoin Is Not a Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is not a cryptocurrency. It is electronic cash, as designed by its inventor, Satoshi/Craig. Read and learn more here.

Is BitCoin still private after the EU’s AMLD5?

As the deadline for EU member states to implementation AMLD5 approaches, let us have a look at how this directive impacts the virtual currency industry, and its users. And is BitCoin still private after AMLD5?

The Big Ruse: Anonymity != Privacy

Anonymity and privacy are often used interchangeably in Bitcoin and crypto circles, but they don’t have the same goals.

Why ‘Vanity’ Bitcoin Addresses Are Not Useless After All

Most have discarded the idea of vanity addresses because we shouldn’t reuse addresses for security and privacy. But it seems there might be some use for the vanity address after all. Let’s go over the former and future utility of bitcoin vanity addresses.