with identity

global interconnectivity

Interact globally and inspire trust while building your MetaNet reputation that you have attached yourself to. Increase your own trade and profitability as you increase your connections.

follow your own payments

Learn how to follow your own payments and receipts with your personal and business matters by monitoring your own timestamped identified transactions.

Efficiency increases profit

Improve your own and business efficiency through MetaNet technologies, learn how to profit and monetize yourself directly or your colleagues or staff that you work with.

save to the eternal repository

The miners that form part of the infrastructure work hard to keep your information and data secure and safe. Learn how write once, read many can reap great benefits.

Choose the perfect plan

We provide you a social platform where your interaction can earn you money. Or you can can start your own MetaNet-Patreon following, where you provide your loyalty members unique and valuable products, services and information.

How much identity you choose to tie to your onchain MetaNet Identity is your own choice. Whether you choose to capitalize and monetize yourself or invest wisely in others, knowing your own and others identity alongside the connectivity that is provided with the power of the MetaNet allows you to make the profitable informed choice.



Frequently asked questions

MetaNet ID is a social interaction platform that uses MetaNet Identity as its root function. It allows users and businesses to rely on a users self-verified and peer-trusted onchain Identity to make informed business and individual choices. It also allows individuals of a certain tier to financially interact with each other.

MetaNet TV hosts all the video content produced by the authors and producers. TV’s author works are hosted on ID’s platform, so as to better interconnect and show different models of monetization and to allow different ways for peers to show their support.

Yes. But you have to self-verify past the first tier to reach the MetaNet ID tier to be able to interact with most of the services. You have to aquire a Paymail address from MoneyButton to pass higher thresholds that will allow you to get, MetaNet-Patreon and future planned services.

Through years of expert collaboration and hard work.

MetaNet Identity is a partner of the ICU Business Excellence and Services Tenent.