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Bitcoin for Business Part 2: Data Costs

So you have a great Bitcoin business idea, but will it be cost-effective, or profitable? You’ll need to calculate your costs to send data to the blockchain.

Bitcoin Cold Storage

Pretty Secure Cold Storage – Part 3

In this third installment of our series on BitCoin security, we discuss how to store your seed words and PIN to a cold storage phone securely.

MetaNetTV Livestream August 2019 Craig Wright

MetaNet TV Livestream August 2019 – Dr. Craig S. Wright

MetaNetTV’s Monthly Livestream for August 2019 features nChain chief scientist Dr. Craig Wright, with Bitcoin development and legal updates.

Bitcoin Cold Storage

Pretty Secure Cold Storage – Part 2

In this article on BitCoin security, we discuss more in-depth how to use a second phone for secure cold storage.

Cold storage vault

Pretty Secure Cold Storage – Part 1

This three-part series will show you how to store your BitCoin long-term securely, with examples of several cold storage methods.

MetaNet WORMs

MetaNet WORMs Are the Future

When people talk about worms and the internet in the same sentence, it normally isn’t a positive thing. They mostly refer to malicious computer viruses that infect a host computer and replicate by embedding itself into data and communications such that they are undetectable. Most importantly, due to this replication strategy, a worm is a…
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Why ‘Vanity’ Bitcoin Addresses Are Not Useless After All

Most have discarded the idea of vanity addresses because we shouldn’t reuse addresses for security and privacy. But it seems there might be some use for the vanity address after all. Let’s go over the former and future utility of bitcoin vanity addresses.

Interesting Similarities Between Bitcoin and African Savings Networks

About 30 percent of Africans are aware of Bitcoin but don’t know what it is and how it works. In our previous article, we enlightened them on this peer to peer electronic cash system, and today; we are going to liken some Bitcoin practices to common African monetary practices.

Money in Africa: An Introduction to Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV)

All you need to know about Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, The Original Bitcoin

Bitcoin full node

Stop Running ‘Full Nodes’

To highlight the distinction between the original intended purpose of this software and what some are using it for, I assert that the ‘node’ software is actually ‘mining’ software.