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Get involved on the MetaNet by following these simple steps to get your Paymail address and join us as you experience the ease and joy of global connectivity.


“The Metanet is a Series of Tubes.”

Rather than bore you with an attempt at technical exactitudes – as is my heart’s true desire – this article will gently introduce and familiarise the average person to a product which is at the heart of innovation happening right now in the area of global data infrastructure.

Why To Care

Knowledge and familiarity with this technological development will give you a competitive advantage regardless of your business vertical because you will have a better understanding of what’s about to come, and can perhaps position yourself to create value within this new paradigm.

Do Not Get Left Behind

Those already familiar are creating walls around the society which is gradually gathering momentum. Think Galt’s Gulch from Atlas Shrugged; to participate, you must prove your worth and demonstrate the creation of value. A meritocracy. The first hurdle is being able to adopt an identity in this new arena. In order to do that you have to be able to create digital signatures which all link to your real identity.

You’re probably thinking, “That sounds boring and difficult” – and you’d be right – it is. So we delegate to services which are easy to use, and have beautiful user interfaces.

Let’s Get Started

Moneybutton is a simple and secure interface to many of the new businesses appearing across the world. Since this is the case, I’ve put together a quick demonstration video to show you how simple it is to get set up with a moneybutton account, set up your paymail and buy one to sell for profit.


Now anyone can send you money at that paymail address from any BSV wallet.

If you’re a professional comapany, you may want to use your own paymail address such as, or even In future you will be able to use your own domain name to handle incoming payments, and delegate the wallet service to a paymail provider, such as moneybutton.

In order to set this up you need one thing.

  1. An SRV record which looks like this: 10 10 443
  2. That’s it. Wait a day for the DNS systems of the world to update their caches.

You will be ready for when moneybutton announce custom domains as a service. For now it’s a waiting game.

Now you can:

  1. Upload your photos to and like or comment on other people’s content.
  2. Upload your music to and purchase other people’s songs.
  3. Post and curate news stories:
  4. Join the Metanet ICU:
  5. Set up your own donation page:
  6. Get a module by module self help audio course:
  7. Twetch – like Twitter but for the elite:

Enjoy Bitcoin Society, and build your own business with ease and beauty with moneybutton.

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